A Service For You(th)


Slough's Youth Parliament ensures that young people in Slough are able to influence and be involved in decision making in the town. The Youth Parliament is made up of 11-19 year olds from across Slough, and includes members from underrepresented groups.  

The Youth Parliament meets twice a month, and usually host guest speakers from partner agencies to inform discussion and decision around pertinent issues. In addition to their monthly meetings, youth representatives participate in a range of training and enrichment activities including volunteering at community events, attending away days and residentials.

Youth representatives also sit on a variety of strategic groups or community forums including the Safer Slough Partnership Board, Independent Police Advisory Group and the Well Being Board. Members also have the opportunity to represent Slough on the national stage, for example at British Youth Council conventions, The All Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs, Youth Select Committees and the UK Youth Parliament. 

The next SYP elections are due to take place across Slough secondary schools in January 2019, with awareness raising starting from October 2018. 

If you would like to know more about the work of Slough Youth Parliament or discuss how to get involved  please contact the Young People’s Service at  Sloughforyouth@slough.gov.uk or alternatively call on 01753 875510.