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There are a number of health studies which show changes in diet and eating patterns can help your overall health. This page will show you information to enable your choices:

  • Understand Healthy Eating
  • Complete your own personal assessment
  • Plan your meals
  • Check your calories
  • Lose Weight

Useful Information

  • Understand Healthy Eating

    Understanding your food choices can help you make better decisions. Learn about balanced eating and the options available to you. read more

  • Complete your personal assessment

    Understanding your current eating patterns and recognising the changes you may need make can be the first step, why not take the test. read more

  • Plan your Meals

    Planning your meals with a counter to help focus on your 5 a day can be very useful, why not try the tool to help easily introduce the key foods to your weekly shopping routine. read more

  • Lose Weight

    This 12 week program developed by NHS Choices and the British Diabetic Association can help, each week there are healthy eating tips and focus on exercise to help you towards your goal. Start off by understanding the amount of weight you may need to lose… read more