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The Godolphin Junior Academy is a vibrant community. There are many opportunities for pupils to learn about their rights and responsibilities and to be involved in the life of the school.

There are currently approximately 480 pupils in our popular school. We serve a very supportive local community. We are an Academy and form part of The Park Federation of Academies established in September 2012. It is a community-focused Multi-Academy Trust and there are currently eight academies in the trust. Our academies are safe, happy and creative places where excellent behaviour, hard work and ambitious academic standards are prized and nurtured. Every family is welcome, respected and encouraged to play an active part in their children's learning. All children have opportunities to grow in self-belief, express their individuality, and develop the confidence to take the next step in life and their next step in learning. We aim to be a springboard to success!

We are a four form entry school, with a maximum of 30 pupils (a figure set by our Board of Governors) within each class. 

We take great pride in setting challenging targets with our pupils and then putting into place the necessary structures and teaching methods that make these targets achievable.

The school is a well kept 1930’s building, with a more recent addition of an upper school building of innovative, contemporary design. We are surrounded by playing fields, two playgrounds, a wild space, outdoor classroom, picnic area, fitness trail, vegetable growing area and gardens.

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Helen Abell
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Godolphin Junior Academy 

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The Godolphin Junior Academy
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The Godolphin Academy has an eight place resource base for pupils with complex needs.

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Mrs Anne Tudor
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01753 521 481
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Primary (4-10 years)

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Special Educational Needs Policy
  • The Godolphin Junior Academy Special Educational Needs policy aims to put into practice the fundamental principles of the Code of Practice 2014 on the identification, assessment of and provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs.
  • We aim to ensure SEND pupils at The Godolphin Junior Academy receive a consistent, high quality provision to meet their needs and that their parents/carers are involved in supporting the child’s learning, informed about the support and involved in the review.
  • Please find the following polices on the school’s website and available from the school office

-       SEND

-       Curriculum

-       Equality

-       Behaviour

-       Slough Borough Council Local Offer

-       Complaints

Teaching and Learning
  • Pupils’ needs are met through high quality teaching and learning.
  • All staff ensure all pupils in the school are making expected progress by reducing or removing barriers to learning, by careful assessment, target setting, differentiated learning activities, planning, use of targeted adult support and high expectations.
  • Personalised curriculum is planned for as appropriate.
  • Resources and the environment are adapted as required with the support of appropriate professionals.
  • Use of IT equipment when appropriate to support learning.
  • Teaching Assistants to provide support either 1:1 or small group support.
  • Pupil’s progress is continually monitored to identify next steps for learning and areas for development.
  • Pupil Progress meetings (PPMs) and Inclusion meetings are held with year groups and Senior Leaders to discuss pupil’s needs and learning.


Identifying and Assessing Special Educational Needs
  • At The Godolphin Junior Academy we have a resource base unit for 8 pupils with complex needs. These pupils are identified through the Slough SEND Team who consult with parents and the Principal of the Academy to establish if the pupil's needs can be met. 
  • The SEND team at The Godolphin Junior Academy work closely with Phoenix  Infant School and other primary schools to ensure all relevant information is shared. Therefore any concerns that are known can be taken into account and transition is smooth.
  • Pupil Progress meetings (PPMs) are held with year group and senior leaders to discuss pupil’s needs and learning.
  • Where pupil’s progress is limited, further assessments or interventions  may be required to determine whether a pupil is experiencing a barrier to their learning. The SENCO will discuss with parents, where necessary, any need to make a referral for external professionals to support the pupil’s learning; for example Speech and Language, Educational Psychologist or Occupational Therapist
  • At The Godolphin Junior Academy we follow the graduated approach set out in the 2001 and 2014 Codes of Practice – assess, plan, do and review.
  • The Godolphin Junior Academy will follow the guidance set out in the SEND Code of Practice (2014) Section 6. 28 – 6.35 to identify SEND needs.
  • For Children Looked After (CLA) we support the child by the use of Team Around a Child, E Pep, and ‘family’ meetings to ensure that the child, and any adults, carers and professionals are involved in decision making and in carefully monitoring CLA pupil’s progress.
Involving Parents and Children and Young People in Planning and Reviewing Progress
  • SENCO has responsibility for liaison with all necessary parties so that lines of communication are maintained.
  • Inclusion leader/SENDCO  and class teachers are available to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress or any other concerns.
  • Information from external professionals will be discussed with parents with the professional involved or a report provided to them.
  • Targets will be reviewed and shared each term.
  • Key professionals, parents and carers are involved in various meetings regarding assessment and planning process and annual reviews for the Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP).
  • Home visits are arranged as required.
  • Support is provided in transition for all our pupils and with extra support for vulnerable pupils
Additional Support
  • Pupil targets are regularly reviewed to ensure support is given and the pupil is making appropriate progress.
  • Where necessary specific groups are targeted for intervention work within the classroom or beyond. These sessions will be delivered by appropriately trained staff.
  • 1:1 teaching sessions based on the pupil’s needs.
  • Speech and Language support is provided by a Speech and Language Assistant under the guidance of Speech Therapist
  • Strong links with external agencies providing support for pupil’s needs from Speech Therapists, Educational Psychologist, Behavioural Support, Occupational Therapists and Autistic Spectrum Advice and Sensory Support
  • Support given to pupils through the Resource Base Unit.
  • Resources and the environment may be adapted if required with the support of appropriate professionals.
  • A provision map is used to show and track the range of additional support within the school.
  • All the interventions are monitored to ensure pupils are making expected progress.
Extra Activities
  • Risk assessments for all pupils are carried out before attending off sites visits or organizing visitors to the school.
  • Careful consideration is made for how school trips can be adapted to assist the individual child.
  • Where necessary parents or carers are consulted prior to a school trip and it may be appropriate for the parent or carer to accompany their own child on a visit if they so wish.
  • All pupils are encouraged to take part in out of hours activities including participating in Slough School Sports Partnership competitions and Park Federation events.
Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children and Young People with SEN
  • Pupils are supported with their social and emotional development through the curriculum.
  • At The Godolphin Junior Academy  pupils are kept safe and happy.
  • There are high expectations of behaviour at the school.
  • Class Dojo’s are used as a reward system to encourage good behaviour, excellent work etc.
  • A member of staff is trained in Mental First Aid and is available to support pupils in their social and emotional development and wellbeing.
  • The Resource Base unit provides social skills support which includes sensory experience, social interaction/stories and scripts.
  • External agencies provide  emotional and behaviour support.
  • Our Behaviour Policy, which includes guidance on expectations, rewards and sanctions is fully understood and implemented by all staff.
  • At The Godolphin Junior Academy we regularly monitor attendance, support pupils returning to school after absence and take the necessary actions to prevent prolonged unauthorised absence.
  • Relevant staff are trained to support medical needs and in some cases all staff receive the appropriate training.
  • Pupil’s views are sought through School Council and other forums.
Keeping Up to Date with Knowledge and Skills
  • At Godolphin Junior Academy we are committed to further developing the skills and knowledge of the staff supporting pupils with SEND.
  • The school has regular training for all staff to improve teaching and learning of all pupils.
  • Some members of staff receive focused training on aspects of SEND as part of their continuing professional development 
  • At The Godolphin Junior School we recognise that ‘moving on’ can be difficult for pupils with SEN. We aim to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible.  
  • Pre-admission visits are organised for both new pupils and those moving on to new Secondary Schools.
  • Staff visit the pupils in their current school before transition.
  • Staff ensure there is an effective handover of classes to share information and facilitate progression. Any gaps in learning and barriers are identified and strategies are shared to ensure that the pupils settle in to their new class or school.
  • A new parents information event is held on Transfer Day.
Helpful Contacts

The Director of Inclusion/SENDCo  at the school is Mrs Anne Tudor, atudor@theparkfederation.org  Tel: 01753 521 481 

SEND Governor P Meredith

Slough SEND Team - Joanna.safa@slough.gov.uk

Slough Service for Autism 01753 787 692

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