Early Assessment Pathway for children and adolescents experiencing mental and behavioural issues

I am a member of a Collaborative developing an evidence based pathway for the assessment of children with mental health and/or behavioural disorders. 

Currently assessment of children is by differing agencies each with their own sphere of interest, methods and methodologies. The Pathway is being trialed in two local schools. I am also taking referrals direct from parents/carers. A key question is to understand "What we are looking at"?  A cognitive, affective, social, non-verbal communication etc issue. The end of possibilities is great. An Assessment Pathway can give clarity as to the nature of the problem that goes beyond the symptomatic.

The key stages of the pathway are:

1 Referral, 2 Data Review of known factors, 3 basic assessment of child fitness, sleep, nutrition, exercise patterns, existence of coercive factors, 4. key medical assessment of hearing, sight, physical co-ordination, speech capacity and non-verbal communication ability. Depending on results thus far stage 5 looks at capacity to manage their environment and its challenges. 

The primary source of information is parent/teacher. Direct access to child/pupil is not part of current practice.

Who to contact

Richard Shircore
07943 404 388
Health Promotion 
Additional Notes

We are looking for schools, especially Secondary Schools and Youth Offending Agencies to take part in this development. Currently there is no charge for this service. However activity is expected to be mutually beneficial. By this is meant the work is a joint learning venture. 

If working with a school there is an expectation the school/institution will provide a place to meet with parent/carer.


When is it on?

Date & Time Information
Monday to Friday usual office hours. Other times by arrangement
Session Information
Phase 1 is an hour of review with parent/teacher discussing the situation/issues and presenting behaviour. Thereafter it will depend on the outcome of the fist meeting.


Other Costs

There is no cost at present.

Other details


I am available to work with other agencies and groups on issues of child and adolescent mental health and behavioural issues. In particular, assessment, evaluation of programmes, training in specific areas.

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