AnDY Clinic

AnDY is a research clinic based at the University of Reading that specialises in assessing and treating anxiety and depression. They offer diagnostic assessment of anxiety and depression and following this, provide evidence-based treatments for the main problem. These treatments are based on cognitive behaviour therapy and follow what the research says is effective for treating anxiety and depression in young people.

Treatments offered:

  • 7-12 year-olds with anxiety: 1:1 Overcoming. This is a parent-led, therapist supported approach. Parents learn CBT techniques and work with therapist to apply these at home with their children. 4 sessions are face-to-face and 4 take place over the phone.
  • 13-17 year-olds with anxiety: 1:1 exposure-based or formulation driven CBT, chilled anxiety group. Both follow a CBT-model and comprise of 6-8 face-to-face sessions.
  • 13-17 year olds with depression: 1:1 behavioural activation treatment. Treatment based mainly on the behavioural components of CBT which comprises of 8 face-to-face sessions.

Slough Early Help Hub have began working collaboratively with The ANDY Clinic and have a referral model in place for 7 – 18 year olds who are suffering from lower  level (not specialist CAMHS threshold) anxiety and depression with a staged offering in place.

Access to Anxiety and depression interventions. Referral taken directly through Early Help Offer.


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AnDY Clinic 

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Age Range
From 7 years To 18 years

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