Anaphylaxis Campaign

What is anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis (pronounced ana-fill-ax-is) is a severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction affecting more than one body system such as the airways, heart, circulation, gut and skin. Symptoms can start within seconds or minutes of exposure to the food or substance you are allergic to and usually will progress rapidly. On rare occasions there may be a delay in the onset of a few hours.

What are the causes of anaphylaxis?

The common causes of anaphylaxis include foods such as peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, fish, sesame seeds and kiwi fruit, although many other foods have been known to trigger anaphylaxis.  Non-food causes include wasp or bee stings, natural latex (rubber), and certain drugs such as penicillin. In some people exercise can trigger a severe reaction – either on its own or in combination with other factors such as food or drugs (e.g. aspirin).

Why does anaphylaxis occur? What are the symptoms of anaphylaxis?

You may notice any of these severe symptoms:

There may also be a dramatic fall in blood pressure (anaphylactic shock). The person may become weak and floppy and may have a sense of something terrible happening. This may lead to collapse, unconsciousness and – on rare occasions – death.

In addition to those severe symptoms listed above, there may also be:
•Widespread flushing of the skin
•Nettle rash (otherwise known as hives or urticaria)
•Swelling of the skin (known as angioedema) anywhere on the body.
•Swelling of the lips
•Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting

Anaphylaxis Campaign

We are the only UK wide charity operating solely for the growing numbers of people at risk from severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction. It’s seriously impedes the lives of those at risk. There is no treatment or cure for anaphylaxis – people at risk have two options: manage their condition and carry adrenaline.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK wide charity focused on supporting those at risk of severe allergies. We have been providing information and support to patients and their families for over 21 years.

Our ultimate aim is to create a safe environment for all people with allergies by working with and educating the food industry, schools, pre-schools, colleges, health professionals and other key audiences. Our focus is on medical facts, food labelling, risk reduction and allergen management.

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Anaphylaxis Campaign 

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