Sanctuary Provision

The scheme aims to make it possible for anyone experiencing domestic abuse, or the threat of domestic abuse, to remain in their own homes with additional security measures.

People experiencing domestic abuse often feel isolated and fear repeat incidents. Sometimes they may have to move away from family, friends and other support networks. The scheme offers a positive, discreet response to domestic abuse by offering people another option.

What is the Sanctuary Scheme?

Each Sanctuary Scheme is tailored to accommodate the needs and circumstances of the client. The service is free of charge, funded through Slough Borough Council. Security recommendations could include the installation of additional and/or replacement locks on doors and windows, security lights, re-enforced door frames and fire safety measures supplied and fitted if appropriate.

All security providers are DBS checked.

Who is eligible for the Sanctuary Scheme?

The scheme is available to anyone living in the Slough area (or anyone about to be re-housed in the Slough area due to domestic abuse).

It is available for anyone who feels unsafe in their home due to domestic abuse, where remaining at home without additional security would put them at risk of future harm, and/or who are threatened with homelessness due to having to flee the violence or abuse.

The scheme covers all tenures and is not limited to council or housing association tenants. If the property is rented, permission to carry out any work must be given by the landlord or housing association.

The perpetrator must no longer be resident at the property where sanctuary is to be installed.

In order to qualify for the Sanctuary Scheme you need to be working with an IDVA and/or be subject to MARAC.

Accessing the Sanctuary Scheme

The housing demand team will provide information about the scheme and the options available.

If eligible, following a needs and risk assessment, the client can decide whether to opt for sanctuary or not.

The security survey will be carried out in the presence of the client so all options can be fully explained. The client will decide whether to opt for sanctuary or not.

To find out more about the scheme or to make a referral, please contact the housing demand team on 01753 475111

Who to contact

Slough Borough Council Housing Needs Team
01753 475111
Slough Borough Council 

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