Adult Dyslexia Centre

The Adult Dyslexia Centre (Thames Valley), based in Maidenhead, Berkshire aims to help dyslexic adults gain:

  • Information about dyslexia We offer dyslexia screening and an initial information session. If you are unemployed, the small fee can be waived, but we always appreciate contributions to the cost if you are able.
  • Understanding of their dyslexia
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved literacy, numeracy and IT skills

The centre also provides:

  • Assessments for children as well as adults
  • Support and courses for parents of dyslexic children
  • Courses for teachers
  • Information for employers and trainers on how they can help dyslexic employees
  • Dyslexia Awareness Training and consultancy services for employers and organisations
  • Dyslexia awareness training for people working with dyslexic students in secondary, further and higher education

The Adult Dyslexia Centre runs workshops and short courses for adults with dyslexia as well as courses for teachers, trainers and parents. 

Who to contact

Henri Court
Helpline only (with answer phone): 07921 022589
Email (for enquiries), for other matters
Adult Dyslexia Centre 
Additional Notes

For help about dyslexia contact the helpline on either: or 07921 022589  Helpline only (with answer phone).

For information:

To contact the centre manager please email:

Where to go

Adult Dyslexia Centre
The Field Centre, Braywick Heath Nurseries
41 Braywick Road

Please make an appointment before visiting, so the right person is available to see you.

We have plenty of parking available on site (free for 3 hours).

The Field Centre is the low, white building inside the Braywick Heath Nurseries site. 


When is it on?

Date & Time Information
This depends on the service needed. Please ask.
Session Information
We are currently (from September 2018) offering an English with IT course on a Wednesday daytime. Please get in touch to find out more


Other Costs

Many services that the Centre offers are highly subsidised. However, as we are a charity, a donation towards costs is always appreciated if possible.

Other details


We are here to help. Please get in touch.

Local Offer

General Local Offer ResponseClick and expand

Is your service accessible?
What are the eligibility criteria for your service?
Adults should have dyslexia, or think they may have this or another related Specific Learning Difficulty (dyspraxia, ADHD, for example). Learners on our teachers' and parents' courses must have an interest in dyslexia.
How are referrals/applications made to your service?
Either by adults already knowing that they are dyslexic or by requesting a screening session to look for dyslexic traits. We can also provide a Full Diagnostic Assessment to identify dyslexia.
Details of charges
Assessments are currently charged at £420 where the individual is paying.
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Address: The Field Centre, Braywick Heath Nurseries,  41 Braywick Road,  Maidenhead,  Berks

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