PPePCare Training

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Our Psychological Perspectives in Education and Primary Care (PPEPCare) training has been designed to help staff in primary care and education to recognise and understand mental health difficulties in children and young people. It offers appropriate support and guidance to children, young people and their families using psycho-education and relevant psychological techniques, such as using a cognitive behavioural framework. Training consists of instructive teaching, experiential learning, group discussion and DVD material and is delivered by a qualified member of our local CAMHS services.

Our PPEPCare modules were developed and written by experts in the field and is based on the most up to date research. Our training is not designed to turn primary care and school staff into psychological therapists, but does provide opportunities to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to talk about and work with the common mental issues that young people present with, within your current role.

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