The Safe Place Scheme in Slough

The Safe Place scheme is a national initiative that has been launched locally.

The Safe Place scheme works by asking local businesses, who have signed up to the initiative, to place a Safe Place sticker in their window.

The sticker identifies a business as a place where vulnerable people can seek help should they feel uncomfortable or unsafe when out and about. This usually means making a telephone call on the person’s behalf; to the police, a parent, carer or support worker and providing a temporary safe haven until support arrives. It may be as simple as offering someone a place to sit and a glass of water.

By signing up to the scheme, businesses will be providing reassurance to both users of this service and their carers, enabling people to live independent lives with an increased sense of security in their community.

A vulnerable person includes someone who:

  • is elderly
  • has a physical disability, including visual or hearing impairment
  • has a learning disability
  • has a mental health condition
  • has an illness or condition.

The Safe Place scheme is supported by Slough Employ-Ability and Thames Valley Police.

Slough businesses are being invited to sign up to the scheme. If you would like to get involved, please contact Helen Buckland, risk and exploitation co-ordinator at

Further information about the national scheme can be found at:

Premises currently signed up to the scheme:

•   Slough Borough Council buildings (St Martins Place, Landmark Place, The Curve, Britwell, Chalvey, Arbour Park)

•   Sue Ryder

•   Kingsway Church

•   Boots

•   Santander

•   Shopmobility

•   Tesco

•   Sainsburys

•   Lloyds Pharmacy

•   H Samuel

Who to contact

Helen Buckland
Safe Place Scheme 

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