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Mediation is a way of resolving disputes and improving relationships between people who come into regular contact with each other such as neighbours, family members, students, work colleagues, business customers, and businesses.

Mediation provides a framework that gives those involved an equal chance to voice their concerns and to listen to what others have to say in a confidential and safe environment.  This process allows the issues to be identified, solutions to be discussed, and an agreement to be reached.

Mediators do not judge nor impose solutions. Instead, they work with those affected to help them to develop a greater understanding of the issues and to reach their own solutions and agreements.

Those considering mediation should have confidence that it is a tried and tested way of resolving disputes quickly and effectively.  In cases where it is agreed to hold a joint meeting, around 80% of those cases result in an agreement between the parties.

Mediation is a voluntary process and only takes place if those involved agree.

Mediation Bucks is a community not for profit organisation offering a wide range of mediation services and our neighbour and community mediations are completely FREE.

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Mediation Bucks 

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