Cardio Wellness 4 Slough

CardioWellness 4 Slough is a cardiovascular disease prevention programme commissioned by Slough Borough Council provided by Solutions 4 Health.

The service provides information and support for people to make better lifestyle choices and take control of their health.

CardioWellness 4 Slough aims to empower people who might be at a risk of developing heart disease by enabling and motivating them to address lifestyle issues such as smoking, achieving a healthy weight, increasing physical activity and drinking too much alcohol. The service assesses and screens individuals to identify risk factors which may result in an opportunity to be referred to a local lifestyle service.

Support is delivered by trained staff and is available in multiple local community settings. The service offers free NHS Health Checks, healthy lifestyle workshops and weight management services.

The team works closely with GPs and other health professionals, community and voluntary organisations to ensure maximum reach to the residents of Slough.

For more information on the service visit our website here.

Who to contact

01753 373646 or 0800 0614734
Solutions 4 Health 


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