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The words "Aik Saath" mean "Together as one" in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. They also embody the ethos of our charity. We believe in working together for positive social change.

Our mission is to work with people from all communities, faiths and backgrounds to promote and encourage conflict resolution and community cohesion through training, campaigns and projects.

Aik Saath was established in response to gang violence between young people from Asian backgrounds in Slough.

The founders of our organisation believed that young people needed to lead the efforts to resolve this conflict. Over fourteen years later young people are still leading Aik Saath's efforts to build peace.

All our work is bespoke. If you would like further information about any aspect of our work or to discuss what we can offer in greater detail then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Information on the types of programme delivered is available below.

Primary and Secondary Schools - Training is carried out with pupils in primary and secondary schools, from year 2 to year 13. The work ranges from stand-alone workshops with selected groups of pupils to programmes lasting eight weeks, involving every pupil in a school.

Colleges and Universities - It  involves training students in the core areas of our work, providing them with conflict resolution skills or techniques to promote community cohesion. Other programmes have focussed on revealing the academic foundations of our work so that students can understand how theory informs what we do.

Youth Services and Other Agencies - Aik Saath works in young people's centres, with youth groups in both the statutory and non-statutory sectors and with agencies providing support to young people not in education, employment or training (NEET). The training provided covers a range of different topics based on our core themes of improving conflict management and challenging racism. The programmes in young people's centres can be delivered in weekly sessions or more intensively during school holidays, sometimes as part of a programme of Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP).

Practitioners - Aik Saath offers training to adults from a variety of professional backgrounds. They have trained teachers and youth workers generally interested in developing their anti-racism and conflict resolution skills. They have also been commissioned to share techniques with these professionals on specific areas of our work, such as how to talk about sensitive issues creatively. These sessions have been delivered at In Service Training (INSET) days and at conferences.

Conflict Resolution - The conflict resolution work ranges from short introductory sessions focussed on understanding conflict to comprehensive programmes featuring conflict-resolving strategies such as mediation. These programmes can be implemented in a preventive capacity or in response to a specific conflict situation.

Community Cohesion - The community cohesion work is predominantly engaged with ensuring that young people from different backgrounds feel comfortable with each other, value their differences and understand their common humanity. They also engage with the factors that help young people feel a sense of belonging or feel socially excluded.

Extremism - Aik Saath can provide preventive workshops in order to counter extremism. They  examine the myths that terrorist organisations seek to propagate in order to further their causes. By deconstructing these myths, they expose the lies at the heart of white supremacy and violently extremist interpretations of Islam.

Anti-Racism - Since the establishment of Aik Saath in 1998 we have been learning and developing different approaches to 'race' and racism. These approaches have focussed on preventing the development of racist attitudes, challenging existent racist attitudes and providing young people with constructive responses to racism.

Understanding Anger - Anger usually leads to problems when it causes us to act without thought, at home, at school or in the workplace. Their workshops encourage young people to understand anger so that they may control it, before it controls them. They can train groups of young people directly or professionals in the techniques that we use.

Anti-bullying - Their interactive anti-bullying programmes often start by helping young people to define bullying, so that it is clearly understood. They also encourage participants to think about its causes, the impact it has on everyone involved and responses to it. We have also worked with young people to help them produce their own anti-bullying policies.

Peer Mediation & Mentoring - Aik Saath have established and supported many peer mediation schemes with a focus on giving young people the skills to effectively resolve disputes. Other projects have involved bringing together young people who are struggling at school with older, positive role-models for mentoring. We can assist with the establishment of similar schemes or share our experiences with professionals interested in unlocking the potential of peer education.

Faith & Conflict - Many people are confused about what different religions prescribe when it comes to peace and conflict. This workshop provides participants with an insight into how religion can be used as oil or water on the fires of conflict, allowing them to draw their own conclusions.

Saying No To Knives - Our workshops focus on helping young people understand the true costs of carrying a knife verses any perceived benefits. Using interactive activities and multimedia, we challenge young people to think critically about the choices they make when they decide to arm themselves.

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