Slough 'Choices' Programme

The Slough 'Choices' Programme is a programme run in schools to help young people to make better choices.

The Programme is ‘carried’ by a series of stories and a set of characters with whom young people can strongly relate, and have had a hand in creating. This approach also depersonalises those issues — making it all about THAT set of characters rather than THIS set of young people. A distancing technique that provides an opportunity to explore, learn and practice objectively and in a ‘safe space’, while universally reaching consensus to a group norm. We know from our research that using characters in a story as a proxy in this way actually encourages first person identification — when young people describe what’s happening to those characters, what they’re really describing is their own thoughts, feelings and opinions. And because all materials have been collaboratively designed with pupils and teachers at every stage, they have a credibility that resonates.   The Programme introduces key ‘blocks’ of knowledge during primary phase to develop a framework for decision-making built upon an understanding of ‘choice’. These building blocks explore how identity is formed, how we’re influenced by those around us, and the impact that basic psychological needs (to survive, have power, love and belong, be free to choose, and have fun/learn/grow) have upon our choices. Building on this foundation, and with a specific focus pre- and post-transition, the Programme continues through secondary phase, using age-appropriate content for each of the year groups from years 5 to 8. Programme activities follow a simple process that encourages exploration and dialogue, while raising questions that help students work together in reaching a consensus. Importantly, we’ve mapped everything to various parts of the curriculum so that it supports what you are doing, rather than adding to an already demanding workload.

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Slough Choices Programme 

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From 10 years To 14 years

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