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Youth Voice

If you’d like to influence what happens in your local area and help plan the services provided for you then there are lots of opportunities for you to make a difference, from inspecting and choosing services, to consultations and getting involved in decision making.

You know best what you want so it’s really important for you to have a say in what will affect you.  

Check out the information on the pages below for more details of how to get involved, or call us on 01753 875510 to find out more.

Useful Information

  • Young Inspectors & Young Commissioners

    As a Young Inspector, you will visit a range of services for young people including youth centres, job clubs, advice sessions, schools, libraries, young people’s accommodation, health services and youth activities. As part of a team, you will carry out an inspection by looking at…

  • Children in Care Council

    “The Children in Care Council provides Slough’s looked after children with opportunities to have a say on the issues that matter to them and be heard by the people who make decisions about their lives. Being part of Slough's Children in Care Council is a fantastic opportunity to…

  • Youth Parliament

    Slough's Youth Parliament ensures that young people in Slough are able to influence and be involved in decision making in the town. The Youth Parliament is made up of 11-19 year olds from across Slough, and includes members from underrepresented groups.   MYP's (Members of Youth…